First Date


First Date was crafted to attract women and have superior long lasting effects (5-8hrs). Nominated Best Beard Oil of the Year 2016 by AskMen. We’ve combined all that we have learned and taken it to the next level. This scent is very complex, yet warm and comforting. First Date starts off with a crisp hint of clove and cedar, then evolves into a warm vanilla mix. This is not your typical earthy, woodmen’s smell that is all too typical among beard oil brands. This oil was crafted through time to stand alone and be different. First Date is a scent that’ll make her want to scoot a little closer.



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  • Ingredients

    Essential oils – Vanilla extract, clove, orange, rosemary

    Carrier oils – Sweet Almond, Apricot, Vegetable Glycerin


    *Cloud like softness        *Reduces Acne      *Cures dry skin and itchy beard

    *Stimulates hair growth          *Non-Greasy shine

    *Empowering scent

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