The Founding Fathers


The Founding Fathers are the first three blends that kicked started this whole adventure. This presidential trio is the best bang for your buck and comes with free shipping! The success of these oils paved the road to where we are today.

The Raft Guide 

This unique blend has been helping bearded raft guides every to kill the term “Raft Guide Funk” (RGF). From my personal experience as a raft guide, the day after day river trips can take a toll on your aroma. Raft Guide is a hint of sage in perfect harmony with a citrus splash!

Tea Tree House

An outdoorsman’s classic! Tea Tree smells like a refreshing morning breath from the Great Smoky Mountains forest. The soft pine scent will send you into a daydream about beautiful outdoor sceneries.

Show Time

A gentle cinnamon thunderstorm meets a brisk citrus cold front. Every Playboy of the beard game has this one in their collection.

Reviews (8)
  • Benefits

    *Cloud like softness               *Reduces Acne      *Cures dry skin and itchy beard

     *Stimulates hair growth          *Non-Greasy shine

    *Empowering scent

  • Reviews
    1. :

      I don’t have a viking beard but my hairs that I do have look fresh =D thanks!! Satisfied customer

      • :

        It is a pleasure to be at your service my friend!

    2. :

      It’s bottled, pure awesomeness!

      • :

        Thank you, stay awesome!

    3. :

      To my surprise from all three Bearded Crew oils I have (Tea Tree, Show Time, and Raft Guide). My wife loves when I use Raft Guide!

      • :

        Raft Guide has been said to have an addicting scent. Use with caution and beard on!

    4. :

      Very happy with product and your customer service!

      • :

        Thanks for the feedback! Beard on Brotha

    5. :

      bought it. love it. beard is small but roars with these products. feel majestic af

      • :

        With a great majestic beard come great responsibilities! Glad to hear you love it!

    6. :

      Get Raft Guide! It’s a nice oil with a smooth, mellow smell that’s fantastic!

      • :

        Good recommendation!Raft guide is my personal favorite.

    7. :

      Kicks ASS! Repeat customer no doubt! Can’t wait for a beard wash to go with it!

      • :

        We love your enthusiasm! A beard wash and conditioner are coming soon. Thanks again mate!

    8. :

      It’s a great product. I use it every time I get out of the shower, and on the few days I’ve forgotten it, I’ve noticed a drop in the comfort of my beard, along with a lack of shine and luster. I certainly recommend the product. ‪#‎beardedcrew‬

      • :

        Glad to hear that our oils are doing the trick. Stay tuned because a lot of exciting things are happening over the next couple months