Show Time

Show Time


Show Time is a cinnamon thunderstorm meets a cooling citrus cold front. Nourish your beard with this cinnamon & citrus, warm and complex scent. The fatty acids in the sweet almond oil are highly receptive by your pores expediting the hydration process. Best for users looking to condition dry hairs and alleviate itch, keeping your beard silky smooth at all times.

*Customer feedback from bearded dads state that this scent is very popular with their children.



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  • Ingredients

    Essential oils – cinnamon bark, orange, tea tree

    Carrier oils – jojoba, sweet almond


    *Cloud like softness        *Reduces Acne      *Cures dry skin and itchy beard

    *Stimulates hair growth          *Non-Greasy shine

    *Empowering scent

  • Reviews
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      A great beard oil! The fragrance was strong but in a subtle way. Great moisturizing effect that last all day and awesome results with a styling wax for the mustache! Great product!

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        Thanks for the feedback! I wish you the best of luck in all of your travels!

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      Smells great; does what it’s supposed to do.

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        Thanks for the feedback!

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      fantastic scent, but not overpowering. I can’t say enough good things about Bearded Crews oils!

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        We are ecstatic about your excitement! I’m glad we could help you out. Stay awesome, and stay bearded!

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      I’ve been buying beard oil for going on 2 years now and I’ve tried multiple brands. I keep going back to Bearded Crew. Show Time beard oil is perfect for the length I have now. I use it everyday and it keeps my mustache tame and my beard smooth and shiny. I love it.

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        Glad to have a veteran beard oil expert in our crew. Beard conditioner and shampoo are coming soon. Beard on

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      Excellent product. out of the box/vial it smells really strong, but when you apply a few drops to your beard it immediately morphs to a very good smell. very pleased with it.

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      I found Bearded Crew when my boyfriend’s birthday came up. Since then we keep coming back for the Show Time! His beard smells addicting when he’s wearing it!!!

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        Way to be a kick ass girlfriend! We are glad that you found us!