Tea Tree Beard Oil

Tea Tree


Every ingredient in our Tea Tree oil was individually selected to create the healthiest skincare solution. Tea tree oil has so many antiviral and antifungal benefits the Australian army puts it in soldiers’ first aid kits. Our Tea Tree oil, is a perfect mix of crisp mint, refreshing tea tree, flawlessly harmonized with Argan and Coconut oil. Argan oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E which are both great anti-aging remedies (protect against wrinkles) for the skin. One splash to the ‘ol face fur, and your next beer run will feel like an Amazonian movie scene. This oil is best for users looking to significantly reduce acne and stop wrinkles!


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  • Ingredients

    Essential oils – Tea Tree, Sage

    Carrier oils – Argan, Coconut


    *Cloud like softness        *Reduces Acne      *Cures dry skin and itchy beard

    *Stimulates hair growth          *Non-Greasy shine

    *Empowering scent

  • Reviews
    1. :

      Good shit

    2. :

      I like it… I like it A LOT

      • :

        Thank, Thanks A LOT!

    3. :

      It is the greatest! My face feels wonderful. My wife loves the way it smells

      • :

        Glad to hear the ol lady likes it! Thanks for the ongoing support and stay awesome!

    4. :

      Great beard oil. You can see and feel the difference when using it. It has a very subtle scent. A earthy aroma. I would definitely recommend it.

      • :

        Thanks for the feedback. It is a earthy, pine, but very clean smell. Beard on broski!

    5. :

      love the way it smells and his beard looks better everyday!

      • :

        Glad to hear that it’s doing the job! Thanks for your support!

    6. :

      its magic. I love it, makes my face so much smoother

      • :

        There is an immediate comfort to the skin when i put it on myself. Thanks for the feed back! Beard on!

    7. :

      Great product! Refreshing scent too

      • :

        Thanks! Beard on!

    8. :

      User friendly site, great products, and excellent reputation! Can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

      • :

        Thank you for your kind words. We will soon be releasing a beard shampoo and conditioner. So keep an eye out for that. Thanks again mate and beard on!