4 Reasons Grow Summer Beard

Jan 15, 2021 | Grooming

It’s only February, and I can already hear the rumbling. True, we are still a month from Spring, three months or so from the heyday of Summer, but as Winter’s bite is just a tad less sharp, and warmer days a little more frequent, I know the bearded folk are starting to worry. During winter it’s “okay to rock a beard”, everyone proudly rocks their bushy beards. Now, as Summer approaches, they think they’ll have to shave it off. Why Bearded Crew, gives four excellent reasons why you should keep that glorious face cape.

1. Being The Only Beard Around 

Let’s face it, Summer at the beach means endless days full of slick-faced, bald chested, Justin Bieber wanna be girly boys! Now picture yourself, diving confidently into the waves, arising from the surf, water droplets glistening and dripping. Awash in all those slick-faced fellas, you and your perfectly coifed, magnificent face forest will not only be noticed, but you’ll also be coveted.

2. Set The Bar

When you walk upon the beach, stride confidently into the office, or sip a very fine Tequila in your favorite dive bar, as a bearded fellow, you are setting the standard. Your beard proclaims your intent to stake your place in the world, presenting confidently that this is you, and you will leave your mark upon this Earth. In fact, research published in, “Evolution and Behavior”, the bearded ones were perceived to be significantly more masculine by women. Masculine as in, manly, powerful, vigorous, and robust. Those are some great qualities to have my bearded friend! So, while we can’t all be a towering 6’4” thankfully we can grow and maintain fantastic beards.

3. Do It For The Girls

happy interracial couple

To many, Summer means in no particular order, fun, sun, babes, and parties. Everyone wants to be chilling poolside sipping margaritas thinking about how they are going to sleep off the hangover. Girls in bikinis swimming, biking, playing volleyball, summer is all about self-expression and confidence. Having a beard is a great and easy conversation starter. Girls either love it or learn to love it. But all women are interested in speaking to a bearded man, wondering what makes him tick or beat his drum to a different beat.

4. A beard Will Keep You Cool and Face Protected

Reading a book enjoying summerThat’s right, while some rush to shave at the first sign Summer, according to scientists in Austrailia where let’s face it gets hot like Katy Perry’s spam box, keeping that lovely beard actually acts as an “evaporative cooler”. So basically you jump in the pool, pop out and while all those beautiful droplets of water are hanging off, a little breeze comes by and suddenly you are cool like the other side of a pillow. The same study showed your wonder mane also acts as a face shield. Take that guy who has to wear a beach hat the size of New Jersey! And oh by the way, did you know your face forest, can prevent skin cancer? Don’t believe me? Here comes the science.

Turns out that Summer face mantle can block up to 95% of UV rays, preventing skin cancer! Whoo Hoo. And you thought it was all about just looking fantastic and successful! No my bearded buddy, grow a Summer beard, and you will have your very own chin grown air conditioner, face shield, and all natural SPF 90.

Till next time Bearded Champions. Grow it, tend it, and love it. Namaste.