5 Common Mistakes That Kill Beards


Hello, and welcome back to another great post from Bearded Crew’s Blog. Today we consider the top 5 great beard mistakes that will kill your beard. There are many reasons why men decide to grow a beard. One thing is for certain we all want it to look it’s best and be comfortable while growing. Rocking a beard long enough to let it fully grow takes a certain level of self confidence and love for the bearded lifestyle. But starting this journey, especially as a new grower, can lead to a beard horror story. Growing a beard can be challenging, but follow these tips, and you are near guaranteed to navigate this process, with minimal muss or fuss.


1. Bad Beard Care Routine/ Maintenance 

You must take care of it, comb it, and oil, it. This tip is worthy of being number 1 so listen up. Just like your Grandfather’s 20-year beastly beard, your beard needs TLC. Take some pride in growing your beard, you are apart of a culture now. Keep it maintained with a great beard care routine. We have already talked about the consequences of dry skin such as the terrible Itchy Beard Syndrome IBS in our previous blog post 4 Tips To Fix A Patchy Beard. Here a quick guide to a good beard care routine that will make you a bearded boss.

During your first shower use some beard conditioner to rinse and hydrate your beard. Right, after that shower, massage some Bearded Crew First Date beard oil in your pores, working it down to the skin.  First Date starts off with a crisp hint of clove and cedar, then evolves into a warm vanilla mix. This is not your typical earthy, woodmen’s smell that is all too typical among beard oil brands. If you are looking to shape or style the beard you might want to consider using a beard balm or butter. At the end of the day if your beard is dirty you should give it a wash with some beard shampoo. When you wash your beard it strips away all of the dirt, but also the natural oils that keep your skin healthy. After washing your beard make sure you restore all the nutrients with some beard conditioner.

2. Trimming Too High

This is a pretty easy mistake to make in your first trial runs of beard growing. After 6-8 weeks, some people start looking for areas to trim. The top of your cheeks is an important area to groom. The goal should be for you to keep your uppermost cheeks clean cut. That is the area that separates your eye from connecting to your beard. Unless it fits into your long-term beard growing plan don’t move that cheek line down to far. You have to be patient, letting the beard hair grow and fill in your patches.

3. Shaving Off the Neck Beard

This is like an unspoken mistake that only the bearded veterans know. I personally made the mistake of trimming my neckbeard for the first 2 years of growing. I wanted my beard to look neat and sharp. Then one time I decided to let the neck grow with the rest of my beard. The difference of this decision really shined about 6-8 months into growing. My beard is curly and refuses to grow past 6-7 inches. But by growing my neckbeard out it gives my beard a longer appearance and makes it look incredibly full.

4. You Need To Co-Wash

Some of you may have seen or heard of the term “co-wash” in your beard and hair grooming studies. Conditioner only washing or co-wash is a method of cleaning your hair and/or beard. To do this, you simply cut out the shampoo from your routine and lather your hair in conditioner.

Co-washing was first put into practice by long-haired people with curly or wavy hair. This type of hair tends to be dryer than thin, straight hair. So what’s so great about it?  Most conditioners contain trace amounts of detergents called cationic surfactants, or “quats” for short. Some common types that you can find on your conditioner’s ingredient list are cetrimonium and behentrimonium chloride.

These detergents are the powerful agents responsible for cleaning your hair of any dirt, residue from hair products, or grime collected from your day to day activities. You can co-wash (condition) your hair during every shower if you please.

5. Not Having Patience or Lack Of Confidence 

Growing a beard is a process. Like every worthwhile pursuit ever attempted, the journey towards magnificent flowing face mane, comes with peaks and valleys. If this is your first foray into the hallowed ground known as beardsman, you could be faced with standard beard growing challenges. In the beginning, you might falter and forget. But, he who is bold enough to embrace what naturally grows and maintain that beard, is in fact a man. With proper care, excellent products, and patience, you will enter the hallowed halls of beardsman. Who knows one day the story of your beard growing prowess may reach ZZ Top proportions. Only time and nature’s grace will tell. Beard on brothers!