About Bearded Crew

In 2015 I landed a sweet summer job as a white-water raft guide on the Nantahala River. Still baby faced at the time, I stumbled upon a new culture that would shape the rest of my life. There are many “bearded lifestyles”, but this is the one I fell in love with.

What is the Bearded Life Style?

This story is just my experience and exposure to the bearded lifestyle and culture.  Everyone’s journey is different but the outcome is the same, you’re a better bearded man. If you have ever been white water rafting, chances are your raft guide was one of the most entertaining parts. The job is a magnet for adventurous, easy going, out-door loving, kind hearted people…. Hippies. Everyone was rocking their kick ass beards even some of the women (armpit beards). At the surface the guides looked like tribal alcoholics. But within the next couple months, I would discover and establish the core values that lead my life and created Bearded Crew.

Bearded Crew Difference

I started a t-shirt company called Bearded Crew with a mission to provide t-shirts with beard themed front pockets.  At the time I was personally using a variety of beard care companies. All of the beard care products smelled like pine trees and camp fires. Manly, however I was looking for something for everyday use, maybe something that women might enjoy smelling. I started to research the biggest beard care companies, how to make products, and most importantly I socially listened to the bearded community. After 2 months of planning I created Bearded Crew’s first line beard oil. Each one of our beard oil products are created to target a specific occasion or need found commonly among bearded men.

Alex Walser

Alex Walser
CEO & Owner of Bearded Crew.









2015 - Bearded Crew Begins With Tee-Shirts

2015 Bearded Crew Begins

Inspired by the lifestyle of my white water raft guide summer job I created Bearded Crew. Bearded Crew was a t-shirt company that started out with 3 different colored tees.

During the conception and planning of Bearded Crew I was working 40 hours a week 3rd shift as a night auditor for Comfort Inn. Oh, and I was taking a full load of 18 hours of college classes per week. DARK TIMES!

2015 - Enter Grooming Industry

2015 Enter Grooming Industry

T-shirts were hard to sell and inventory was expensive to keep. With a good bit of research I order the raw materials to start making beard care products. I released our founding three beard oils: Raft Guide, Showtime and Tea Tree.

Shortly after Bearded Crew received its first retail order and stocked products on the shelves of Design Archives stores in Winston and Greensboro, NC. We are still in Design Archives today!

2016 - Host Beard Competition At WCU

2016 Host Beard Competition

Bearded Crew hosted its first beard competition at Western Carolina University. We had the honor of working with two great local companies Survival Pride Clothing and the Heinzelmannchen Brewery from Sylva, NC.

2016 - First Date Best Beard Oil 2016

2016 Ask Men Nominated

Askmen nominated Bearded Crew’s First Date beard oil as best beard oil of 2016. Ask Men is a blog site that helps men improve their lives—from discovering new products & trends to getting advice on dating, fitness, grooming.

2017 - Started Traveling To Events & Shows

2017 Started Traveling to sell_

Bearded Crew started to travel to events and festivals to pop up a tent and table. This was rewarding exposure to the bearded community and pretty fun too.

2017 - Won 1st Place - EPIC Pitch Event

2017 1st place pitch party

Bearded Crew competed against 6 teams of entrepreneurs in a shark tank styled pitch party hosted by an organization called EPIC at Western Carolina University. Bearded Crew received first place $500 and crowds favorite $50.

2018 - Rebranded And New Products

2018 Rebranded, new products,

Bearded Crew stepped its game up on every level. We introduced 11 new products, rebranded the entire company and restructured as an LLC. #Winning

2018 - Still Growing

Still Growing

Bearded Crew develops its own retail box packaging for all six of its beard oils. We have plans to seriously expand our retail footprint.


Bearded Crew owes its growth to a very small group of A-Team Players. The company would still be a bunch of word documents and business plans if it wasn’t for talents of these guys.
Alex Walser, Bearded Crew Owner

Alex Walser

Anthony Kirk

Videographer Garrett Spake

Garrett Spake

Videographer & Editing

Photographer Gabe Cosenza

Gabe Cosenza