Importance of the Right Beard Comb!

When it comes to maintaining your beard properly, it’s important to ensure that you are using a high-quality beard oil like the ones offered by Bearded Crew.

But after applying a beard oil, what’s next?  How do you go about styling your epic beard?  

Generally, you have two choices – a beard comb or brush.

In this post, we will be talking extensively about a beard comb – because it’s worth dedicating an entire post on the topic!

There are all sorts of beard combs on the market, from wooden to synthetic, and even ox horn!
Within the materials made up of combs, there are stark differences between each one of them, but for the most part, the best beard comb you will find will be made up of synthetic material and is sawcut.


The saw cut part is key when selecting a beard comb.

If you go to your typical big-box retailer or local drug store, you will likely see a ton of combs that are likely stamped out of a huge mold at the factory and are ultimately packaged up and delivered.

When these combs are stamped out of the giant mold, micro-fissures are formed along each one of the teeth of the comb.

These micro fissures wreak havoc on your beard – here’s why:

Each one of the micro edges along the teeth will tear at your beard follicles with each stroke of the comb.

More often than not, this is going to cause irreparable damage that no amount of beard oil will ever be able to fix.

Therefore, if you are looking to grow a lengthy beard, the damage that you do to your beard will be permanent.

Not only will the cheap plastic comb damage the entire shaft of the beard follicle, but you will be also much more susceptible to split ends as well, thus forcing you to trim your beard more frequently.

Therefore, it’s key to find a beard comb that is saw cut.  Sawcut combs have each and every tooth on the comb polished by hand, effectively removing all the micro-fissures that will ultimately tear apart your beard.

When using a saw cut comb, you will not have long-term damage to your beard.

Another huge benefit of using a comb over a brush is that it will give you a lot of control.  This is great if you are training your beard follicles to grow in the desired direction.

When comparing a synthetic saw cut comb to say a wooden comb, the biggest difference will be the splintering and cracking that may occur with the latter of the two.

You see wooden combs often times form small cracks that will cause your beard follicles to get snagged when combing – therefore leading to an unpleasant feeling and ultimately lost beard follicles. Bearded Crew offers a Red Sandalwood wooden comb, that is anti-static, and has the teeth of the comb sanded down to eliminate micro-fissures. Most men instantly compliment this comb for its strong red sandalwood smell. Our travel comb is small enough to fit in your pocket for on the go combing needs.  

Lastly, when it comes to ox horn, they are the closest competitor to the synthetic counterpart, but the use of animal products may turn off some men.  In addition, ox horn counterfeits run rampant, therefore knowing if you are getting comb made out of real ox horn may be a bit tricky – especially if shopping online.

But when it comes to synthetic combs, they aren’t perfect:

Unlike a beard brush that gives you an even distribution of oils among your beard, beard combs, especially those that are synthetic, do not provide the same advantage.

So it’s key that to get an even distribution of beard oil, make sure you massage it in thoroughly when applying (start at the root of your beard and gradually work your way out).

Lastly, when it comes to either a brush or a comb, you don’t want to comb it more than a few times a day.  You don’t want to put too much stress on the root of your beard follicle and pull them out by mistake!  
So for beards men everywhere, it’s key to understand the differences in beard combs and make sure that you pick the best beard comb, and add it to your repertoire so you don’t do permanent long-term damage to your beard!

Last but surely not least, I want to give a shout-out to our friends at Tools of Men for helping us supply you guys with delicious information.