How to Grow a Bigger Grizzly Beard 2021

Jan 15, 2021 | Lifestyle

Being able to grow a fierce beard is not all about products. Beyond genetics, growing a godly beard requires a healthy lifestyle. Some important things to note about this lifestyle are as follows…

Eat Well
Hair follicles like the rest of you are built with what you feed your temple. Generally, you want to eat sensible, healthy meals featuring veggies of the green, yellow, red, and purple variety. Don’t forget the protein, aim for fish, beans, egg, and a little animal fat. Also, you are essentially a furnace so in between meals, (about every three hours) eat some kind of healthy snack, almonds, are one good option.

Pay attention to the following vitamins for maximum follicular production…

Healthy Diet For a beardVitamin A
One of the most important beard production vitamins, it increases production of Sebum, hydrating the follicles and skin. Sources include papaya, cabbage, mango, egg yolk, broccoli, milk, carrots, and liver.

Vitamin E
Neutralizes damaging free radicals. Also involved in immune function, and improving blood circulation for maximum beard stimulation. Found in almonds, spinach, mango, tomato, and kiwi.

Promotes proper circulation within (beard) hair follicles. Just the ticket! Eat chicken, chicken, pork, liver, strawberry, peanuts, etc.

Vitamin B7
Promotes healthy (beard) hair and ensures a proper nervous system function. Good natural sources include corn, broccoli, fish, legumes, beans, wheat germ,
yogurt, bread, and beans.

B9 (Folate)
Assists the body to build protein. Also lowers stress and improves mood. Double good like whiskey and rye! Eat nuts, leafy green veggies, potatoes, and mushrooms. Zinc Strengthens hair follicles building strong strands of (beard) hair. Supports oil glands which protect (beard) hair. Eat oysters, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, and cashews.

It may not be a beard vitamin, but it’s immune system related, so make sure to count it in your diet. Eat (224% DV)papaya, (157% DV)bell peppers, and (135% DV)broccoli.

Good face scrub

One thing that helps keep your follicles clean, and two your girl will appreciate a well-groomed man. And you know keeping her happy will go a long way towards lowering your stress, thereby increasing your beard growing! Lovely.

Know Your Beard Care Routine 
Growing a beard is half of the battle. If you are living the lifestyle take some pride in keeping it healthy and looking professional. Theirs a lot of bearded men out there you can easily stand out by keeping your beard maintained. To get started check out our quick guide to Beard Care 101!

Limit Stress
A body which is stressed has a weakened immune system, clearly limiting beard production. Do 15 minutes of meditation or Yoga daily. Actively practice mindfulness and keep an appreciation journal.

Bearded Man SleepingSleep
Getting your sleep is important. Even if you are super busy, remember a bad sleeping night will affect you for two nights afterward. If you struggle with falling asleep get a sleep mask, try deep breathing, or meditation.

**Please note every man is destined to grow only so much of a beard. So if after all these tips and suggestions, you find that the 12 inch long viking beard is just not in the cards, remember those unfortunates who can’t beard at all! Sigh. Pity for them.

So there you have it; Eat right, get good sleep, de-stress, exercise, keep it happy with a proper beard care routine, and be thankful you can grow that majestic beard forest.


Till next time Bearded Champions. Grow it, tend it, and love it. Namaste.