Introducing Bearded Heroes Brotherhood

Dec 20, 2018 | Community, News

At Bearded Crew, we have a mission to do more than deliver extraordinary products. We believe the path to a better future starts with the mane in the mirror. Our passion is to unite bearded men of all cultures, races, status, and creed in a Brotherhood devoted to the betterment of mankind through charity and self-investment.

We are launching Bearded Heroes, a non-profit fraternity organization that is dedicated to local charity, the bearded culture and having a good time at socials. For the initial launch, we are going to dedicate all efforts towards growing our 3 chapters in North Carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro. Don’t worry, if you don’t live around NC you can still be a brother. We will set up online chapters in your state in order to start building awareness. If you are interested you can join our email list here.

Game Plan!

  1. Host a social for our founding NC chapters.
  2. Meet and recruit brothers that will be future founding fathers of each chapter.
  3. Have an army of brothers ready to help support charitable acts around Thanksgiving and Christmas 2019.
  4. Host end of year party uniting all brothers.
  5. Expand the brotherhood to other states.


  • Socials- Our social events are legendary! Whether it’s a BBQ at the park or playing charitable poker at a whiskey bar, we have a good time. Leave the stress of life at home, come out and meet some like-minded brothers.
  • Charity- We create projects that directly support local communities within our area.

Recruitment Process

Start by joining our email list. We will direct you from there!