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Beard Oil Sample Pack


Product Information

Does your beard prefer waking up to a “Good Morning” beard oil, an energizing smell of freshly ground Indonesian coffee beans? OR are you giving beard rides later and need something crisp, warm, and inviting like our First Date beard oil?

If you are a first-time Bearded Crew customer the beard oil sample is the road map to success. Why take the gamble on buying just one scent when you can try them all? Let your beard decide which oil is the best fit.

This power package includes a sample of our First Date, Good Morning, Father’s Day, Sweet Dreamz, Tea Tree, Equilibrium beard oils. All of Bearded Crew’s beard oils use 100% all-natural ingredients and are always fresh.


  • Each sample vial holds 4ml of beard oil. Most men will be able to get multiple uses out of one sample.
  • All of our scents make men feel, look and smell amazing.
  • These six fragrances are the base of all of our product lines. Find one you love and find the matching beard care products.
  • If you are shopping for someone else take the guessing work out of the equation. Let them decide which product they like most.

Enjoy growing a THICKER beard with this awesome beard oil sample pack. Stop the terrible beard itch. Grow With Confidence!

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All-Natural Ingredients

Formulated with Aromatherapy

Promotes Beard Growth

Heals Dry Skin

Adds a Healthy Shine

Softens the Beard

How to Use Beard Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

What does beard oil do?

Beard oil is a conditioner used to moisturize and soften beard hair. It’s also effective for moisturizing the skin beneath your beard. People use beard oil to keep their beards looking fuller, softer, and tamer. It’s also sometimes used to promote beard growth.

When should I use beard oil?

Most men should apply beard oil twice a day, once in the morning before starting your day and once at night before bed.

Pro Tip: Take a nice warm shower before bed and apply some Sweet Dreamz beard oil to your face and beard. Let the beard oil work its magic overnight.

How long will the beard oil scent last?

Bearded Crew’s beard oil is scented with 100% pure essential oils. They smell amazing! Depending on how quickly your hair and skin absorb the oil, a typical application will last 3-5 hours. 

How long does 1oz of beard oil last?

Our 1 oz bottles of beard oils should typically last 1.5 – 3 months, depending on the length of your beard.

Does beard oil expire?

Beard oil bottles should always be kept closed and stored at room temperature. The typical shelf life of a bottle of beard oil is 9-12 months. You will know if the beard oil has reached its expiration because the carrier oils will start to smell rancid. 

At what level of growth should I start using beard oil?

Applying beard oil at the beginning of the growing process, even if you only have a 5 o’clock shadow you’ll begin to notice the softening effect of beard oil and beard balm. By doing this you will set a healthy foundation for future growth. 

I have a small beard. Should I use beard oil?

That’s another common question I get often. Beard oil is perfect for those who have beard stubble and smaller beards. Beard stubble can be quite bristly and rough. That’s where beard oil comes in handy. 

Here are 3 benefits

  1. Beard oil will soften that stubble up and make it feel smoother.
  2. In the first 2 weeks of growing a beard, your skin will become irritated and very itchy. Using beard oil will eliminate the itch. This makes it a must-have! 
  3. Beard oil will keep your skin from drying out without it feeling greasy.




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