Beard Oil Sample Pack


You can enjoy growing a THICKER beard with this awesome beard oil sample pack (6 Different Oils). Stop the terrible beard itch. Grow With Confidence!

This bundle includes everything a first-time customer needs to get the Bearded Crew experience. Let your beard decide which oil is the best fit.

Does your beard prefer waking up to a “Good Morning” beard oil, an energizing smell of freshly ground Indonesian coffee beans? OR are you giving beard rides later and need something crisp, warm, and inviting like our First Date beard oil?

This Bundle Includes

  • 2 sample vials of each beard oil we offer Tea Tree, Good Morning, Sweet Dreamz, Fathers Day, Equilibrium, and First Date! *Click the  names for descriptions
  • 2 Bearded Crew stickers (Looks great on a cooler)
  • 5 collectible beard oil cards.  The Equilibrium beard oil sample is currently out of stock.

*Each one of the collectible cards has a coupon for 5$ off your next bottle of beard oil.

Tea Tree

Smells Like: Tea Tree, Sage.

Aromatherapy: Clean, refreshed.

Good Morning

Smells Like: Indonesian Coffee, light Vanilla.

Aromatherapy: Energizing, mental clarity

Sweet Dreamz

Smells Like: Cedarwood, Sage.

Aromatherapy: Relaxing, calming.

Fathers Day

Smells Like: Cinnamon, Orange, Tea Tree.

Aromatherapy: Raise productivity, promotes happiness.


Smells Like: Lemon and Lavender fragrance.

Aromatherapy:Reduce anxiety, elevate focus.

First Date

Smells Like: Vanilla and Clove fragrance.

Aromatherapy: Crisp, warm, inviting.


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Greatness doesn’t happen by taking shortcuts.
All of our oils are made in house to ensure
the highest level of safety, and consistent
superior quality. Here’s how we go about
creating irresistible, superior beard oil.


Design Signature Recipe.
Target a need/pain point
of the bearded lifestyle.


Critically evaluate most effective
ingredients, and chose an ethically
sourced manufacturer.


Assemble all products in house
to ensure consistent,
premium quality.


Review all feedback, listen to our social,
and local, communities, and then implement
necessary changes for improvement.


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