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Beard Pick/Comb


Product Information
  • DOES NOT PULL ON HAIR – Snagging happens with every pick/comb, but this one keeps it at a minimum. You will like the teeth spacing because it doesn’t pull much on nappy/tangled/matted hair, but gets the job done.
  • FOR ALL  BEARD HAIR TYPES – Bearded Crew’s beard pick/comb is a wonderful pick for all beards, such as thick beards, coarse beards, curly beards, wiry beards and so on.
  • NATURAL HAIR REQUIRES NATURAL PICK/COMB – Bearded Crew’s pick/comb is made one whole piece of natural green sandalwood. It smells lightly of sandalwood. All of the edges of this pick/comb are sanded smoothly. No issue with hair snagging, pick/comb is well sanded and rounded.
  • PARAMETER (APPROX.) – Material: made of one whole piece of natural green sandal wood. Length: 13cm/5.1in. Width: 7.5cm/3.0in. Thickness: 1cm/0.4in. Width of tooth: 0.5cm/0.2in. Width of tooth spacing: 0.5cm/0.2in.



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