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Fathers Day

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Fathers Day is a cinnamon thunderstorm meets a cooling citrus cold front. Nourish your beard with this cinnamon & citrus, warm and complex scent. The fatty acids in the sweet almond oil are highly receptive by your pores expediting the hydration process. Best for users looking to condition dry hairs and alleviate itch, keeping your beard silky smooth at all times. During R & D this oil was adored most by bearded dads. Why? Because their infant or young children absolutely adored theirs pops big red cinnamon smelling beard. All of the oils in this recipe are safe for contact with a baby’s skin.





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1 review for Fathers Day

A great beard oil! The fragrance was strong but in a subtle way. Great moisturizing effect that last all day and awesome results with a styling wax for the mustache! Great product!

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