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First Date


AROMATHERAPY & PURPOSE: Whether it’s the first date or you’re sneaking a date night while the kids are sleeping, every woman prefers an attractive smelling beard. Unleash confidence with this warm and inviting liquid gold. Use this seductive fragrance next time you think she wants to “touch the beard”

SMELLS LIKE: First Date starts off with a crisp hint of clove and cedar, then evolves into a subtle warm vanilla mix. This is not your typical tree bark, earthy, woodmen’s smell that is all too typical among beard oil brands. Vanilla for the ladies, suppressed with a manly clove and cedar aroma. This scent is very complex, yet warm and comforting.

BENEFITS: A little goes a long way with this one. First Date gives you deep, rich hydration that stops any itching and soothes irritated skin. Apricot kernel oil is a light and ‘dry’ oil. It immediately absorbs into your hair follicles, leaving your beard with a non-greasy, healthy shine. Read more benefits and the science below.

We’ve combined all that we have learned and taken it to the next level. This oil was crafted through time and research to stand alone and be different. Don’t believe us? Ask Men nominated First Date beard oil as the best beard oil of the year in 2016.


“USA, USA, USA!”: All of our products are assembled and packaged in Mocksville, North Carolina. We strive to find US suppliers (when we can) for all of our raw materials even if they cost more. We are also a strong advocate for supporting the local mom and pop shops when you can.

NO WORRIES GUARANTEE: We offer a full refund or replacement if a product is damaged or not what you were expecting. Just contact us directly and we'll get you taken care of.

100% NATURAL & USDA ORGANIC: Here at Bearded Crew we do not cut corners on quality. We pay more for all of our ingredients just to make sure that they are labeled and certified USDA organic.


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Greatness doesn’t happen by taking shortcuts.
All of our oils are made in house to ensure
the highest level of safety, and consistent
superior quality. Here’s how we go about
creating irresistible, superior beard oil.


Design Signature Recipe.
Target a need/pain point
of the bearded lifestyle.


Critically evaluate most effective
ingredients, and chose an ethically
sourced manufacturer.


Assemble all products in house
to ensure consistent,
premium quality.


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