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Sweet Dreamz

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Sweet Dreamz was designed to be a soft scent that keeps your beard hydrated while you sleep. Infused with Vegetable Glycerin and Vitamin E to extend the longevity of the hydrating experience. Sweet Dreamz is a mix of soothing sage driven by a soft kick of cedarwood. This one is both our lightest scent best suited for users with sensitive sniffers.  Jojoba and Vitamin E mix to create a one of a kind cure for the dreaded IBS or “itchy beard syndrome”.


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4 reviews for Sweet Dreamz

My first Bearded Crew product (not my first beard oil though) and this appears to be some quality beard oil. Nice consistency and a soothing citrus smell. I look forward to trying out other Bearded CREW oils in the future.

Glad to hear the awesome review. We are coming out with a shampoo and conditioner soon. So stay tuned!

Awesome stuff. Spiced citrus is honestly the best scent I have ever smelt in my life. I’m not joking either.

This is my second bottle. The product is incredible. Thanks

Welcome to the crew brother! Thanks for the loyalty!

Recently I purchased the Raft Guide beard oil and it kicked ass. I love it and saw immediate results. Thanks guys for the great oil!

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