Wooden Beard Comb


Gentlemen, most of us are away from the house 9-5 every day. Bring your beard grooming habits TO GO!

  • Signature sandalwood scent – Made of premium fresh cut green sandalwood 
  • Anti-static – Unlike plastic combs, this saw cut comb will not cause static in your beard 
  • Grow a healthier beard- By regularly combing your beard you can prevent knots and split ends 
  • Tame the mane – Every woman loves a sharp looking beard. Keep that mane tamed.
  • Durable and portable – Designed to fit in your pocket for on-the-go grooming.

Size: 10cm*2.2cm


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Protect Your Skin & Promote Healthy Beard Growth

Dead skin cells can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy beard, trapping residue, unwanted oils & dead skin cells in it. This can lead to unwanted flaking, dryness & brittleness. Combing your beard regularly & removing dead skins will help improve the appearance of your beard & promote healthier beard growth. Combing your beard regularly also ensures any trapped residue, unwanted oils or dead skins don’t build up on your skin & prevent unwanted acne or irritation.

Naturally Anti-Static for Easier Shaping & Styling 

Plastic combs cause static when combing through your beard. Bearded Crew's sandalwood beard comb is naturally anti-static meaning your beard is easier to tame, shape & style. Regular combing of your beard will help to reduce the likelihood of knots & will soften your beard, making it easier to style when applying beard oils or balms.

Check out our guide on the Importance of The Right Beard Comb!


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